Sermon Notes

August 6, 2023

How to Stay Free

God loves gates because they represent choice. Everyone has a choice to serve God or not. So, choose to serve the Lord. And when He sets you free, choose to stay in His presence for the rest of your life.

Key Scriptures:

Judges 16:3; Psalm 87:2; Mark 16:18; Revelation 21:12; Psalm 100:4; Matthew 7:14

Key Points:

1. God loves when we worship in trials. God loves when we worship despite the trials and still choose to serve Him.

2. God is our Refuge. Like the City of Refuge in the Old Covenant, when you come into the finished work of Christ, you find refuge from the enemy that was pursuing you.

3. Choose to stay. Even in the City of Refuge, there was still a gate. Once you get in Christ, you must choose to stay. There is no guaranteed protection outside the border of His will.

4. You choose Heaven or Hell. There is a gate in front of Heaven and Hell. God doesn’t send anyone to Hell; you make the choice. If you want to walk with God, you must choose it.

5. When you win the battle privately, God will give you national victories. If you win your personal battles, as David did, God will send revival to give national victories.

6. Remove the gates. Remove anything that connects you to the life Satan wants you to have and gives you entrance back into the lifestyle God delivered you from. Remove the option to go back to your old life.


Final Thoughts:

God loves the gates of choice. He doesn’t want robot worship; He wants you to choose to worship and live for Him. If there’s anything in your life that connects you to what God delivered you from, get rid of it today. Come into the city of refuge and choose to stay!