Sermon Notes

September 23, 2022

How To Say Goodbye To Your Past

When you decide to follow Jesus, you decide to leave your past, which can be very difficult. Sometimes your past will pursue you. But your future is so filled with promise that it is worth the cost. The world will beckon and call out for you. Don’t turn back. Stay on the path that leads to your future.


Key Scripture:

II Samuel 3:1-17


Key Points:

  1. There will be emotions to wade through. There will be a tug to your past when you decide to follow Jesus.
  2. The temptation will come in seasons. Don’t fall back into old temptations. Don’t resurrect what has been put to death.
  3. Satan doesn’t give up when you decide to follow Christ. He will call out your name using your past addictions and attractions.
  4. Don’t leave things that tempt you in your house. Get it out and get rid of it. Don’t leave it within striking distance. Treat it like a dangerous snake.
  5. You have to cross the line to follow Jesus and never go back. The enemy will whisper in your ear, “You don’t have to go that far to follow Jesus. Keep one foot here and one foot there.”


Final Thoughts:

Following Jesus is an “all in” commitment. There’s no going back or looking back only leads to bad decisions. Stay the course. Get all the way in. The temptation will be around every corner and you have to keep your eyes on Jesus every step of the way. You were made for more and your inheritance is victory!


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