Sermon Notes

August 20, 2023

How To Get Over It

Praise is not conditional or circumstantial. You always have a reason to praise the Lord. David’s life was full of good and bad days, but by the end of his life, David knew God got him through it all. Even in your darkest days, you have a God that will bring you through it and get you over it!

Key Scriptures:

Psalm 18:29; II Samuel 22:30; II Samuel 23:1; Genesis 49:22-23; Numbers 11:5

Key Points:

  1. Will you lay on your deathbed complaining or rejoicing? While you're about to leave this world, there's nothing better to do than praise God for bringing you through everything life hits you with. What will your last song be?
  2. God doesn't want you to get through it; He wants you to get over it. The enemy wants to destroy you with torment, but God will get you over it. People want to get through tragedy, but God didn't bring you through anything without the intention to get over it! If God can get you through it, He can get you over it.
  3. How you handle your trials will be how your children handle their trials. When you go through trials, raise your hands in worship and keep putting God first in your life.
  4. God wants you to give you your feelings back. The enemy wants your excitement to be dulled down. After you go through something difficult, God will give you your joy and peace back! God didn't bring you through it to leave you mangled and messed up.
  5. God wants to restore the spark in you. No matter what you've been through, God will get you through it and make you enjoy life again! You're not a victim but an overcomer. You will leap out of isolation and tragedy!
  6. Don't talk like where you came from. After all, God brings you through, don't keep talking about it. Wash your mouth and spit it out! Refuse to continue breathing bitterness. God is too sweet to get stuck on what's sour.

Final Thoughts:

God doesn’t want to just get you through tragedy; He wants to get you over it! With God, you can walk through the fiery trials of life and not smell like smoke. Refuse to breathe bitterness. Instead, trust God to get you over whatever you’re going through.