Sermon Notes

November 5, 2023

How God Wants To Use You

Sermon Notes


Many times, we only hear about the patriarchs like Abraham, Moses, or David. But there were many unsung heroes in the Bible, without name recognition but of absolute importance to God. God has something He can use in you, regardless of how insignificant you may think you are.


Key Scriptures:

I Chronicles 4:23; Ezekiel 27:9; Nehemiah 7:3


Key Points:

1. Someone must be at the back of the line. God needs someone at the back of the line, like the tribe of Dan, to encourage the stragglers, hurting and broken. Be an encourager to those around you.

2. God is looking for potters. You have a responsibility to shape and mold the clay of the next generation. It doesn’t matter if you’re in business, ministry, or something else; you must raise up the next generation to fill your place.

3. God is looking for caulkers. No matter how beautiful the ship of the church is, if there aren’t caulkers, the whole ship will sink. Don’t let what God took out of your life seep back in. What God seals, the enemy can’t steal. Keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in.

4. Beware of what can seep in. No matter how long you’ve been serving God, you still must guard your life. No one is beyond temptation.

5. Wait until the son gets hot. Don’t open the door to things you’re not sure of just because everyone else is doing it. Guard your life, family, and church.


Final Thoughts:

Everybody is important to the Kingdom. Just because you’re not in charge doesn’t mean you are not valuable. You are of great value to God and the Church. How will you use what you must be a potter and a caulker in your church and family?