Sermon Notes

April 4, 2021

Heroes for the Body of Christ

The greatest story for Christians is the story of the resurrection. But prior to the resurrection, there was an event that holds an incredible lesson for believers today. There is an unusual hero that emerges named Joseph of Arimathea. He was a wealthy man but also a disciple of Jesus. You can be both. In this story, at evening time, this hero emerged and used his influence to beg for the body of Jesus. God is looking for heroes in the nighttime hour of the church today to beg for the Body of Christ. Churches all over the world have gone through a difficult time in the wake of an international pandemic. It’s time that we stand up and be counted among the faithful.


Guiding Scripture
Matthew 27:57-61


Heroes in the Night:

1. God wants to transform us from consumers to givers. So many could have been there when Jesus died to ask for and care for the dead body of Christ, but only one man did. There was no benefit to Joseph, but he did it out of the love in his heart. When the body of Christ was dead and most vulnerable, God used one willing person to take care of that body.

2. God will use people to preserve the church in difficult times. God wants to use you in this hour of the church. If ever there was a time to show up and bless the Body of Christ it’s now.


3. We have to have a personal relationship with Jesus to get involved with Him. Beg God to use you. Beg God for a role to play with the body of Christ. Every time you show up to the House of God during these uncertain times you are being a hero in the night.

4. God is searching for heroes in the night right now. God is watching for leaders to raise up and bless as He observes who is coming to the House of God in this difficult time. Now is not the time to shrink back or be distant.


5. God is calling for one more revival in the church before He calls us home. We are in a time of transition. Joseph refused to be a traitor in a time of transition.


6. We must be attached to the body of Christ. The enemy has crept in while we have slept and it’s now, more than ever, that you need to be attached to the body. Get up and go to the house of the Lord. THIS is the time to show your family and your friends your priorities.


7. You become a hero in the night during the down seasons in life. When the church is being attacked, that is the time to show up and worship. When you are experiencing personal struggles, that is the time to worship like never before.


8. There WILL be a comeback. You want to be a part of that. Be a hero when others are not even showing up. The church is coming back in a bigger and more powerful way than ever and He is looking right now for the people that will lead that movement. Why not you?


9. This is a time when heroes need to defend the church. Don’t allow people to speak against the church. Protect the church. Protect YOUR church. Declare, “I LOVE MY CHURCH!” and stand up for her.


10. The church is essential. Whether the government says so or not, we are the only thing that restrains off the hand of evil in this world. Defend what you believe and contend for souls while there is still time.


11. Don’t make permanent what God intended to be temporary. This is not our permanent state—our permanent state is resurrection. This is not our home. Our permanent home is heaven.


12. This is NOT our new normal. The circumstances of this world do not determine our destiny or deter our purpose. We have to rise above the news reports of the day and determine that we get our news from a higher Source. God is going to resurrect the church and do miraculous work in the days ahead. Be a part of this amazing season and find your place in the movement!


Final Thoughts:
Today more than ever we need heroes in the night hour. We can no longer be silent. Stand up for what you believe. Stand up for the church. Defend the life of the unborn. Defend your beliefs as a Christian. Jesus entered this world through a borrowed womb, and exited this world in a borrowed tomb. Don’t buy what you can borrow. This life is temporary and our destiny is eternal.


Because of the pandemic and the political and social upheaval of the last several months, we are in a difficult time right now—but we are also on the edge of the greatest revival ever. We are coming back. The church is coming back stronger than ever. We may have stumbled but we are coming back, and will rise again. God is looking for heroes in the night. Miracles are still happening, in fact they are happening all around us right now. Ask the Lord to use your hands, your heart, and your resources and to make you a hero in the night. Give your Lord a hero’s praise. Give Him a midnight praise like Paul and Silas. If you need a comeback in your life, today is the day to surrender to the Lord.