Sermon Notes

September 9, 2022

Getting Back To God's Word

The right word at the right time in the right place is like pieces of gold in the right setting. Words are so powerful and the very things God has used throughout the centuries to transform lives and build His church.

Key Scripture:

Proverbs 25:11


Key Points:

God’s Word gives understanding. God gives His Word and His Word is everything.
The world was formed by God’s Word. He spoke and there was light. God creates through His Word.
In the institutions of the earth, the silvering of the gold is always done in the name of progress. It’s hard to mark when there is a breakthrough and a peak---It’s much easier to mark when an institution starts to go into decline.

Stages of decline:

1. The rapid undermining of the family
2. Higher and higher taxes to give away things for free
3. The mad craze for pleasure
4. The number 1 change: Illiteracy- education decreased
5. Civility vanished and superstition swelled---the occult
6. A splitting up of cultures and ethnicities and dialects developed that made it impossible to communicate with other groups
7. There was a decline in the law and crime. Crime was rampant
8. Forced conversions by the Catholic church and took scriptures from the people
a. Only the priests would interpret the word FOR the people
b. Indulgences were given exploiting God’s word and deceiving people
9. You are only civilized if you are self-disciplined. If you give God your life, He will take your talents and gifts and give you a purpose and a plan
10. There were no children---there were small people---but there were no children. The adults were so humanistic that the children were not allowed to have a childhood. They were exposed to too much too early. No morals---anything goes. There were no filters around children.
11. The change came when the printing press was invented and people were able to have the Bible in their own language. The Bible holds the keys to God’s plan on the earth.

Final Thoughts:

Decide on this day who you will serve. Will you serve the Lord? Will you dedicate your life to His purposes in your life and in the earth? Pray for your nation. Pray for your families like never before. Stand on God’s Word when others are falling all, around.