Dreamers: Don’t Forget His Dream

August 13, 2023

Like Joseph in Genesis 42, it is possible to go through so much that you don’t even remember the dream God gave you anymore. Don’t forget the dreams God has given you. If you have, God can restore those dreams again. If God said it is going to come to pass, it will! God will fulfill the dreams He’s given you to reach a great harvest.

Key Scriptures:

Genesis 42:6-9; Daniel 2; Genesis 37:5-35; Genesis 40:23

Key Points:

  1. The only reason we’re not in Heaven is because God still wants to save someone. God doesn’t want anyone to perish, and His dream is revival! He wants to save souls and use you to do it.
  2. The favor of God upsets Hell. God puts a coat of many colors on you to show the world that He’s blessed you! Be careful to give God the glory and don’t apologize for the goodness of God. The more God’s favor is on you, the more you stand out.
  3. You will be hated for your dreams. The devil doesn’t care what you have if you don’t do anything with it. Nothing upsets the devil more than when you begin to dream of the harvest and take more ground for God. When you dream of revival, you are a threat to the devil.
  4. If you can dream it, God can do it! Satan wants you to compromise your dreams. Don’t listen to his voice. All things are possible with God, and the best is yet to come.
  5. Stop having funerals for dreams that are not dead. Your dream is not dead. While Jacob was crying, Joseph was reigning. God will sustain the dream because it’s not yours, it’s His. You are blessed and your dream is still alive.
  6. God doesn’t autograph everything He is doing in your life. Even when you can’t see it, He’s working. He’s not done with you, and He’s not done with America!
  7. Help someone else with their dream and God will help you with yours. Until you get excited about someone else’s blessing, you’re not qualified to be blessed. Joseph helped so many people with their dreams before God gave his to him. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you.
  8. Two things could have stopped Joseph’s dreams:
    1. Bitterness. Nothing will kill your dreams more than bitterness. When Joseph saw his brothers, he could have remembered his pain and allowed bitterness to get into his spirit. Instead, Joseph remembered the dream God gave him.
    2. Blessings. The blessings of the palace life could have diminished Joseph’s dream. The blessings weren’t bad, but they could have distracted him from God’s dream. Don’t let the blessings in your life distract you from the harvest of souls God wants to use you to reach.

Final Thoughts:

God’s dream for you is always about a harvest of souls. Don’t forget about others. Instead, get a dream for the harvest, pray, and say, “God save America.” You're not in Heaven yet because God still wants to save someone. Trust God with the dream He’s given you, and while you wait, help someone else with theirs.