Sermon Notes

June 27, 2021


Being near the Lord is worth the climb. It will always be easier to quit, but God is looking for climbers; those who dare to dream dreams and live a life that requires faith. In this message with Jentezen Franklin, learn what blessings are waiting on top of the mountain when you’re willing to make the uphill climb.


Key Scriptures:
Psalm 24:3-5; Matthew 5:1-2; Philippians 3:13-14; Hebrews 10


Three Kinds of People

Quitters: They quit climbing because it gets too hard. It’s easier to quit than endure.


Campers: They have some successes but only go so far. They don’t go all the way. They say “This is good enough for me.” They terminate the ascent. They camp out on a small, smooth plateau. They play it safe and assume they have arrived. Spiritually, they are lukewarm with little devotion to the disciplines of the faith.


Climbers: They realize they have not reached the top, regardless of anything in their past, good or bad. Climbers see obstacles as opportunities. They may see a bend in the road, but not the end of the road. They get bruised and get over it. Climbers get refreshed at campgrounds, and then they continue the climb.


God wants you to be a climber, dedicated to a lifelong journey. Say no to the plateau. Declare, “I’m not through climbing!” Go to the high places. Look for climbing companions. Climbing companions get stronger and stronger together. They get revelation the quitters and the campers never receive. Here are lessons for the climber:


1. Quit quitting. Do things until they are done right. Quitting can become a habit. Recognize when you are most tempted to quit and break the habit. Some people are most tempted to quit after failure or discouragement. Others are more tempted to stop after a great success when they feel like they’ve made it to the top. Choose not to quit. Don’t allow a quitting mentality to take you over. Never give up and never stop growing.


2. Don’t unfold your tent at the campground of complacency. Your complacency may destroy you. There are two bi-products of success: arrogance and complacency. God does not want you to stop learning or stop being teachable. Don’t let good enough get in the way of being better. Keep trying for something beyond what you have already mastered and achieved. Keep a vision in front of you and keep climbing higher! Use your successes as a springboard, and not a hammock!


3. Dare to Climb Again. If you endure now, you will enjoy later. Don’t allow failures or obstacles to keep you from making the climb. When you’re in a tough spot, don’t look behind you—look ahead! Those obstacles are as big as they’ll ever be, but you can keep growing … you can outgrow the obstacle. Surround yourself with other climbers. They’ll encourage you and inspire you to climb, and climb again.


4. Climbers keep looking up. 70% of the accidents for climbers occur on the way down. We get careless on the way down. After success, after peak achievements, it’s easy to loosen our focus because we feel like we’ve conquered the climb. Don’t slip after success! Keep leveling up; don’t return to old ways or easier paths.


5. God is not through equipping you and anointing you. There is a place ordained by God for you at the top of your mountain if you keep climbing. Just go a little higher!


Final Thoughts:
We are called to be victorious and to keep climbing. God is calling you higher. Are you up to the challenge? Receive God’s new anointing to keep climbing. If you are tired of living in the valley, commit today to living the life of a climber. Start today by asking God for a change and start the climb. Pick up your Bible, get back to your prayer place, and dream again. Pack up that tent of complacency and start the climb!


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