Change Your Words, Change Your Life

May 30, 2021

The Bible says that if you think evil, cover your mouth before you speak it. I challenge you this week to refrain from negative words. How do you activate God’s power in your life? By changing your words. God creates, performs, and fashions your future based on the words you speak. Your life is a composite of the words you declare. Change your words, and you’ll begin to change your life.


Key Scripture

Isaiah 57:18-19, 6:5; Joshua 6; Genesis 1 and 2; Hebrews 13:15; Mark 11:23; Hosea 14:2; Mark 5; I Samuel 17:46; Malachi 2:17; II Kings 4; Matthew 16:23; James 3:3-8, 6:10; Daniel 10; Isaiah 58


Key Points

1. Change your words, change your life. God wants you to do more listening and less speaking. He also wants you to guard the words you say. 

2. Words can change the atmosphere of your life. Your words can fill your home with hell or with heaven. 

3. Words are like seeds. Just as you produce plants based on the seeds you sow, so it is with the words you speak over your life, your future, and your family.

4. Continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God. The fruit of your lips is praise and praise always produces the harvest in your life. If the fruit of your lips is praise, then God will form your future based on your praise.

5. The confession of your mouth matters. Your words have the power to move mountains (Mark 11:23).

6. Confess the promises of God. Speak the words the Lord has promised and you will see those truths manifested in your life.

7. You have to guard the words you say to yourself. Speak positive words about your life all day long. Guard the words that come out of your mouth about your future, and your purpose.

8. Your words can have a powerful effect on your family. Remind the Lord of His promises for your family, your children, and your children’s children. 

9. Our words need to continually be “it is well.” God is always in control and even in your darkest hours you can trust that it is well.

10. Speak the things of God. 

a. Your words are like a bit in the mouth of a horse, and you control that bit in your own mouth. 

b. Your words are like the rudder of a ship. The rudder is the unseen part of a ship. What are you saying to yourself? During the storms of life, your tongue is like a rudder for your life. 

c. Your tongue is like a fire. It has the ability to destroy your world and others people’s reputations. 

d. The tongue is like deadly poison. Your words can heal or poison a situation. Don’t be careless with your words. 


Three examples of people who received miracles through their words:

1. The woman with the issue of blood (Mark 5). Her miracle came through the words she spoke. 

2. David with the Giant Philistine (Samuel 17:46). David spoke victory over Goliath before he ever picked up one stone. 

3. The woman whose child was demon possessed (Mark 7:28). She was great in God’s eyes because of the words she spoke. They spoke of great faith. 


There are three voices that talk to you:

1. The voices from the pit: Disease, cancer, trouble, disaster, calamity, fear, worry, depression, discouragement.

2. The voice of God: Healing, health, peace, joy, salvation, acceptance, forgiveness, good success.

3. Your voice: The power of death and life are in your tongue. The Lord can become weary of your words when they are filled with doubt and worry and negativity. He is the High Priest of your confession.


Final Thoughts

Is it well with you? What words are you confessing on a daily basis? Are your words “It is well?” Do you declare it is well over every part of your life or is your confession about everything that is wrong? Ask God to fill your mouth with the words that bring life and hope. This season of life may be difficult, but do not speak doubt, negativity, hopelessness, and fear. God is coming for your words (Daniel 10). Fast malicious words for at least the next seven days. Challenge yourself to refrain from using them. God hears what you say to others, and what you say to yourself. Let him hear your words of belief.


Stop using negative, angry words. Fill your mouth with joy, peace, and great expectations. Ask the Lord to fill your mouth with the words of the Holy Spirit. Speak about a happy home, a blessed home, and children that are walking with you and growing in their relationship with Christ. God is coming for your words this week. What will He find? The power of life and death are held in YOUR tongue.

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