Sermon Notes

April 3, 2022

Celebrating the Little Victories

This story in I Samuel 14 teaches that most people take on the attitude that says, “Until everything is just like I want, I really can’t celebrate or be happy.” The battle may not be over for all your problems or challenges, but there is much to be grateful for right now. People get indigestion over the incomplete. They don’t get excited until they have it all. Learn to get excited over the little victories in your life! Celebrate the little breakthroughs and the small successes through praise. 


Key Scripture

I Samuel 14:24-29; Isaiah 54:1-3, 55; Numbers 21:17; Luke 15:10


Key Points

1. Sing to the place where the promise is supposed to happen. Allow the little victories to give you greater conviction for the complete victory. Sing and praise God ahead of time. Sing (praise) in expectation; sing when you are barren and empty (Isaiah 54:1), knowing God can do what man has called impossible.


2. Don’t get frustrated over the unfinished. Praise when you don’t feel like it. Enlarge the space of your tent. “Break forth,” knowing something more significant is coming. 


3. Magnify before God moves. Magnify the Lord in worship ahead of the victory. Praise Him for the big, even when it’s small. 


Take inventory. Have you made any progress in your situations? Has there been any progress in the areas for which you are praying? Hasn’t God been good to you? 


Group Questions:

1. People will see Jesus in your journey. Remember that people are watching you as you work through your struggles and challenges. What are they seeing as you walk through your struggles and challenges now?


Don’t let the big issues hold you hostage. Instead, walk in victory over the little things. The little wins will add up. Every incredible journey is one mile at a time. This week may be when you receive that one phone call that takes you to another level.


2. Is there a “BIG” issue that has taken you hostage: your time, thoughts, worry, and resources?


God is the God of the seed. You ask for the orchard, and God gives you a seed. Rarely does He give you the whole orchard. Most of the time, He gives you a seed. It’s your responsibility to plant that seed, nurture and care for it, and then at harvest time, plant more seeds. Little by little, season after season, it takes shape.


Don’t spend your time focusing on what you don’t have. Instead, focus on what you do have and be grateful. 


3. Do you spend too much time focused on what you DON’T have?


Heaven rejoices over the repentance of one sinner (Luke 15:10). God so loved the world but still takes time to celebrate every victory. Shouldn’t you?


God has won the victory, and we win in the end. Never forget that we operate from the position of success, not “what if?” In the faith world, the battle is won. 


Saul was driven - Jonathan was led. The problems are real, but your burdens should be light. So are the issues yours to figure out, or His? 


4. Are you “driven” or are you “led?”


Final Thoughts

We try to go too far off one tank of gas. God never intends “burden after burden” and “battle after battle” to dominate your life. Instead, we are to pause and give thanks for every victory. The more you praise, the more you will experience victory. Praise God over the partial: “sing to sand,” and God will give you the “best.” God provides the wins as seeds for the more significant victories to come. There are little victories all around you. Look for them and praise God for them. 


“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen” (Hebrews 11:1). Faith is informed and nourished by our praise and remembering all He has done so far. God will give small pauses in the battle—not just for rest, but to provide a moment for you to praise Him for every victory, no matter how small. Today, take a moment to praise Him for every win, and then allow every victory to give you greater faith for what is to come!


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