Cave of Couples | And Then We Were One

March 10, 2017

Excerpted from Jentezen Franklin's brand new book "And Then We Were One" 


In Judaism, the cave of Machpelah is the second most holy site in Israel. It's where Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, and Jacob and Leah are all buried. Known as the “cave of couples”, tourists go there and teach their children its meaning. There are ceremonies and family dedications; it is the ultimate place that you can reach in a couple's relationship. We need to realize that every day we are setting the example for our children. We must make sure we set the example that says, “till death do we part.”


Marriage is not a one-man show. Us men should not want a man-cave but a couple’s cave. I don't understand men who leave their wives all the time to hang out with their buddies. It's okay to get with the guys and have fun every once in awhile, but my God, when you're doing life, you're not to spend all your time in a man-cave, you were put together by God to live in a couple-cave. You should do everything together as much as you can. And you should never have any friend that matters more to you than your wife or your husband does.


If you stay together, and if you make it to the cave of couples, you get double. You get double the strength. You get double the protection over your children and your grandchildren. You get double the favor of God. You get double the prosperity. The enemy cannot destroy the home that says, "We're going to the cave of couples, and divorce isn't going to get our marriage, and it's not going to get our children's marriage and our children's children marriage. By the grace of God, we will not quit."

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