Born To Win

February 14, 2021

As Christians, we have an obligation to build other people’s faith. Our future is secure in Christ, Praise God! Help others realize they also have that same security if they know Jesus as Lord and Savior.


Key Scripture

Genesis 49:19; John 1:12; I John 5:4; Romans 8:37-38; Jeremiah 12:5, 38:6-9; I Chronicles 12:8; Genesis 49:2-4; II Corinthians 2-4; Isaiah 46:10; Jeremiah 29:11


You were born to win! In a generation of missing fathers, if you are a father, you need to tell your kids their identity and why they were born. They need to learn that their identity and their future is defined and found in their Spiritual Father—Jesus. He has a future for them, and it is amazing. Prophesy over their future and their identity. 


Key Points

1. We need to prophesy over our children that they were born to win. Our sons and daughters need to learn to find their identity and their source for all things in Jesus. They need to learn that they were born to win no matter what their circumstances are today. 


2. We need to tell our children that they were born to overcome. There will be difficult times where it looks like you are defeated, but if you will grab hold of God’s promises, you will be victorious in the end. Our children were born to win.


3. Keep getting back up. There will be times when it looks like the world is winning. There will be problems and opposition. But we will overcome if we do not give up. You were born with a spirit to win. 


4. Winners are encouragers. We need to be encouragers, especially in times like these. We were born to win and lift others up. We must remind other believers to get up and keep going. 


5. Help people get out of the pit. It takes more people to get someone out of the pit than it does to put someone in the pit. Part of our purpose is to help people out of the pit.


6. The bigger the opposition, the greater the blessing. Something bigger is coming for you if you will endure trials and temptations. Don’t let the footmen (little things) worry you. God has bigger things coming for you. 


7. Winners have to be encouraged. Don’t allow the devil’s “dream thieves” to steal your dream. Keep your eyes on the prize. 


8. Winners have laser focus. Don’t lose your vision for where you are going and what God has placed in you to accomplish. 


9. Winners know when to flee. Winners must know when to flee. Winners know when there is a bad spirit coming after their calling. There are times when we need to run for our life. Be very careful with your walk. 


10. The greatest danger to a winner is the people you hang out with. Who are you spending your time with? Who are you trusting with your time and attention? If you want to win, there may be some people you need to stop hanging out with. 


11. God always causes us to triumph. He manipulates the outcome to your advantage and causes you to win, regardless of the circumstances. 


12. No one can stop you from your predestined end. In God’s eyes, your mountains are molehills. You were born to win! God has determined your end before one day came to pass.


Final Thoughts

God is faithful. If we do not quit, we will win, because we were born to win. No matter what weapon the enemy uses against us—we still win. David ran to the opposition unafraid, because he knew he had a future and a purpose beyond his present circumstance (Goliath). No Goliath can keep you from the future the Lord has planned for you. 


Narrow your focus to what is ahead and onto God’s plans for your life. Don’t take the detours of the flesh. These are only designed to deter you from the purposes of God. You were born to win. You were born for a predestined end. 

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