Sermon Notes

June 12, 2022

Are You Still in Love with Praise?

There are two words Satan uses to keep you from the promises of God: “yesterday” and “tomorrow.” The enemy will throw your mistakes from yesterday in your face to rob you of God’s best for today. Conversely, when we continually say I will do that tomorrow, we put off the promises we could have today.


Key Scripture
Psalm 118:24-29: Revelation 11:1; John 9:31; Judges 8:7, 18:7; I Samuel 18:20, 19:11; Psalm 145:4; I Samuel 23


Key Points
1. God measures your worship (John 9:31). God takes notice when you worship and He responds to the prayers of a worshipper. Some people only go to church to worship, but you can have more. Make worship a lifestyle.


2. There is a difference between being a worshipper and worshipping. Worshippers make worship a lifestyle as opposed to just worshipping on Sundays. It has to be more than something you do; It has to be a part of who you are.


3. When you refuse to worship you distance yourself from God. Some trade their worship for quiet security.


4. Worship moves you from one place to the next. The vanguard of any church must be worship and praise.


5. Heaven will be filled with worshippers. If you aren’t comfortable worshipping in church, then heaven will be very uncomfortable.


6. How can you be a king’s kid and never have any attraction to praise Him? Attraction to the Lord should evoke loving praise and worship.


7. There will be dark nights in your life and praise will help you live to see another day. Let the praise flow like never before when dark days come.


8. Real men praise the Lord. Men can go crazy at ball games and other events, so praise is in them whether they realize it or not. Praise and worship is a choice, not a DNA issue.


9. As humans need oxygen, so Christians need praise and you will not live long without it. Praise needs to be as important as the air you breathe.


10. You must wear your worship the way you wear your clothes. Don’t merely carry your worship in your hand as something to use when you want to. It’s not meant to be an accessory in your back pocket, it’s for every day, all the time! 


Final Thoughts
THIS is the day that the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it. But this lifestyle isn’t just for you. It’s for your family and your children, and your children’s children. You must be the spark that lights the flame of the generation behind you. Don’t grow distant from the Lord. You rekindle that flame when you praise and worship the Lord. Be the catalyst in your family and for your generation. Do you worship from time to time or are you a worshipper?


Praise is the key to everything we do at this church, and it should be the same for your life, your small group, and everywhere God has given you influence.


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