Sermon Notes

April 10, 2015

After Easter Intentions

It thrills my soul to see our parking lots overflowing Easter Sunday. There is something so special about this one day, every year; Dads in suits, Moms in big-brimmed hats, little girls in bows and boys in penny loafers. Drawing out hundreds, even thousands of individuals who come only on this particular Sunday. And you know what? We welcome them! We believe anytime a lost soul walks through our door is a chance for divine intervention.

Well-intended visitors fulfill their yearly duty and show up bright and early. They take pictures in their Sunday best and feel spiritually justified for a moment, but then walk right back into a life of bondage.

Often times, I see these individuals discouraged from repeat defeat. They get frustrated when they attempt change and fail, so they give up altogether and we don’t see them until the same time the following year. The beautifully freeing message of Easter is that you cannot do it! You never could do it! This is why Christ came; to clothe us in His righteousness. When we recognize that it is in our very weakness, His strength is made perfect; we loose the chains of bondage and enter into a full life of freedom. Life as it was purposed!

My prayer is that every soul that walks through our doors would not just experience good music or entertaining speakers, but that the God of this universe would meet them and unveil their eyes to all He has in store for them. When a real encounter happens, you can’t help but be changed.

In Ezekiel 46, the Lord commanded the worshippers to come in one gate and leave from the opposite. So serves the purpose of the church! We walk in one way, and we leave a different way. We may walk into church depressed, but His presence brings us into joy. We may come in hopeless, but we leave full of hope. His presence transforms!

When all the fake grass, plastic eggs and bunny outfits are back in storage, will you find yourself changed? This year, make an intentional effort to let the message of Easter sink “deep into your heart”. Christ came, lived a spotless life, died a brutal death and defeated the grave so we can walk in freedom and deep fulfillment. Our time on earth is limited. Let’s make the most of every minute, starting this Easter Sunday. The God of second chances awaits.

God bless you and Happy Easter season! He is risen!