Your Impact in the Face of Escalating Tensions: A Critical Update

We wanted to provide you with an important update regarding the situation in the Northern Galilee region and the impactful role your support is playing in these challenging times.


Since October 7, the region has experienced heightened tensions with Hezbollah launching mortars, rockets, and artillery at IDF outposts and border communities. Notably, what distinguishes this round of fighting is the unprecedented use of antitank missiles, particularly targeting civilian areas. The precision of these attacks has allowed Hezbollah to maintain a level of conflict below the threshold of war, causing widespread terror and forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate from their homes.


Amidst this turmoil, we are proud to highlight the resilience and dedication of the JFMM Medical Emergency Center. Remarkably, the construction crews at this center are the only ones in the Northern Galilee continuing their work despite the ongoing conflict and danger. Their commitment underscores the urgency and significance of completing the medical facility, which is crucial for saving lives in these increasingly tense times.


This project is not just a construction endeavor; it represents a lifeline for the community facing unprecedented challenges. The completion of the emergency center is essential, and your support is making a tangible difference in providing vital resources and facilities for those affected by the conflict.


We invite you to watch a powerful update from Inbar Bezek, Former Member of Knesset and CEO of the Upper Galilee Economic Forum, as she shares insights into the current situation and the importance of your contributions.


Your continued support is instrumental in ensuring the success of this crucial project and making a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by the conflict. We deeply appreciate your dedication and generosity during these challenging times.



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