April 25, 2024

Eshkol Community Extends Deep Gratitude for Solidarity in the Wake of the Most Severe Attack on Jews Since the Holocaust


To the Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries communities,


As we in Israel come together to observe Passover, the festival of freedom, we find it crucial to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the solidarity and support your ministry has shown us during this profoundly challenging period. The State of Israel has been facing some of the most severe trials since its inception, following the tragic events of October 7th, which have marked a period of significant suffering, including the loss of lives and hostage situations that continue to test the spirit of our nation.


Six months ago, the Eshkol region was devastated by a series of brutal attacks — a horrifying day that began as a peaceful morning and rapidly descended into a nightmare. This assault on our citizens, including the most vulnerable among us — babies, children, and the elderly — sent shockwaves around the globe.


During these times, Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries has stood as a beacon of hope and encouragement. Your unwavering commitment to Israel and the Jewish people during these trying moments has reinforced a profound bond between us. This friendship and alliance, exemplified by your actions, have not only provided us with support but have also been a source of immense encouragement as we face the monumental task of recovery and rebuilding.


Your ministry has not only stood by us through advocacy and prayer but has also been instrumental in civil protection support that resonates throughout your community and beyond. This solidarity is not merely symbolic; it is a tangible expression of the shared values and relentless pursuit of peace and freedom, deeply embedded in the hearts of those who stand with Israel and the Jewish People.


As we recount the story of the Exodus this Passover and reflect upon our current trials, we are reminded of the importance of such alliances. Your efforts bolster the morale of our citizens, fostering a sense of unity and strength crucial in these times. It is a reminder that the fight for freedom and justice is a shared endeavor, resonating with all who cherish these ideals.


To everyone at Jentezen Franklin Media Ministries, we extend our deepest thanks. Your solidarity in our time of need is a testament to your profound commitment to fostering peace and supporting those who strive for freedom.


With sincere appreciation and a prayer for the return of our hostages to freedom.


Michal Uziyahu

Eshkol Regional Council

State of Israel