Sermon Notes

March 18, 2016

Your Gift Will Make Room for You

God has given each of us unique gifts with the purpose of influencing others. When fostered, nurtured and placed in the right environment, these gifts will grow and make room for us to really make an impact on our world. Though there is certainly no formula to leading a successful life, there are truths within the Word of God that are assured.

First, bloom where you are planted. We live in a day of options. There is a church on every corner, and when you find yourself dissatisfied with something, from the music to the preaching or the coffee in the lobby, you have the option to up and leave. But this will never lead to an impactful life. Your roots need time to dig in. Stay! As long as leadership is not contradicting Gods Word, be faithful where you are.

Second, seek only the platform of a servant. Even Jesus came not to be served, but to serve. You dont need a spotlight to be a minister. So, where do you start? Where no one sees. Serve the people around you in a spirit of humility. There is precious treasure in finding satisfaction in your unseen seasons.

Thirdly, let your obedience be your advocate. We live in a time where pitchingourselves is a thing. Your gift doesnt need your promotion. Whether it be on social media or politicking those above you to gain opportunity, just dont do it! When Jesus was on trial to be crucified, He said not a word. He had opportunity to prove Himself, but his obedience to God was more important than proving what He could do. He trusted in the Lords sovereignty. You dont need to prove you are gifted. Allow Him to bring opportunity to you. And remind yourself that He sees. Your obedience is not going unnoticed.

Lastly, encourage someone else’s gift or support their dream! If you find yourself in a season where you are frustrated and you feel like you are sitting on your gift, make room for others to prosper in theirs. Often, our jealousy gets the better of us. We think, Well, if I dont have opportunity, neither should anyone else.But this is not Christ-like, nor is it a fulfilling place to be. Instead of sitting around pouting, seek out those you can help.

The Lord has not forgotten you; He is merely preparing you to thrive when you arrive at your destination. If you feel stuck and unseen, take heart! The Gift-giver will open the door at the perfect time. And when you step in, you will look like Christ, which is the greatest accolade any of us could ever achieve.

He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6 NKJV).