Sermon Notes

January 14, 2024

What Are You Hungry For?

Peter was fasting when he fell into a trance. Cornelius was fasting when the angel appeared to him. Both men were hungry for food, but they were hungrier for God. What are you hungry for as you fast and pray?

Key Scriptures:

Acts 10; I Corinthians 1:21; Jeremiah 3:15; John 4:32

Key Points:

  1. Fasting builds a memorial before God. When you fast and pray continually, you are building something supernatural that will invade the natural. When you fast, pray, and give, you build a memorial before God. Brick by brick, you are building your marriage, family, business, and your life before God.
  2. You need a preacher. You always need a preacher to go where God wants you to go. By the foolishness of preaching, God can save your soul, purpose, career, and your destiny! Never get too mature or spiritual that you think you don’t need a preacher in your life. If you allow Him, God will assign a preacher to you! When you’re assigned to a preacher, you can’t leave!
  3. You are pursued by dreams, visions, and angelic hosts when you fast. God will connect you to a fresh dream and give you your assignment in times of fasting and prayer.
  4. Fasting and prayer build bridges. There may be divisions in your family or relationships you don’t have yet. But as you fast and pray, God will connect you to the right people. God will give you Kingdom connections.
  5. Fasting gives you sensitivity to God. When you fast and pray, God’s voice will come and cause a shift. God will interrupt your routine to send a Holy Ghost takeover into your life. Be sensitive to God’s Spirit.

Final Thoughts:

God wants to build something in your life, give you dreams and visions, give you Kingdom connections, and speak to you. But you must be hungry for God. If you get hungry for God by fasting, praying, and giving, God will interrupt everything and fill you with the Holy Ghost. What are you hungry for?