Sermon Notes

December 3, 2023

They Built and Prospered

If you keep building, God will keep prospering. If you seek the Lord and do what He asks you to do to build His Kingdom, you will prosper; it’s a biblical principle.

Key Scriptures:

II Chronicles 14:2-7; Matthew 12:29; Nehemiah 4:2; Nehemiah 6:3; Isaiah 43:19

Key Points:

  1. When you build the Kingdom, it will build the city. When you build the Kingdom of God, it’s impossible for the city you’re in and the cities around you not to prosper. Cities will feel the impact of churches with revival.
  2. Attacks will come. Any time you get involved in building God’s Kingdom, there will come attacks of retaliation sooner or later. If you can’t handle the tough times, you won’t be able to handle what God wants to do in your life. But if you keep building, God will keep prospering you.
  3. The spoils of revival are waiting on the Church. When you build God’s Kingdom and bind the strong man, there are spoils of revival waiting on you. You will get everything you want and more when you build God’s Church.  You are going to receive vineyards, buildings, and houses you didn’t build for the glory of God.
  4. Don’t stop building. There is so much more for you behind enemy lines. You can’t have more unless you’re willing to go behind enemy lines and fight for it. Never stop building, regardless of what attacks and hardships may come.
  5. Your prosperity comes from building the Kingdom of God. God doesn’t prosper you until you start building. But if you build God’s Kingdom, regardless of the economy, God will prosper you. The Church should always be building. God’s prosperity comes from building the Kingdom of God. When you start building, you’ll start prospering.
  1. Build walls of salvation. Stay focused on reaching the lost, building marriages, and restoring families.
  2. Build towers of vision. When you’re in a tower, you can see the land around you. Don’t stop dreaming of reaching the lost around you.
  3. Build gates of praise. Never stop praising. If you’ll build a place of praise, God will prosper you.
  1. God can use trash to build walls. The world may have called you trash, but God calls you His treasure. God will use the trash of your life and use you to build His Kingdom.
  2. Don’t tear down the world; build up the Kingdom. Instead of trying to tear down everything wrong, build up God’s Kingdom instead. Jesus didn’t come as a lawyer, doctor, or religious theologian to tear people down. He came as a carpenter to build. God wants to build people up, rebuild families, and build the Kingdom of God. Don’t curse the darkness; turn on the light.

Final Thoughts:

If you build the Kingdom of God, God will prosper you. When you put God’s Kingdom first, He will add everything else to you. Instead of tearing down what’s wrong in the world, focus on building the Kingdom of God, and prosperity will follow you.