Sermon Notes

January 28, 2024

The Treasury of Snow

Sermon Notes

You are storing up snowflakes in Heaven every time you pray, fast, and read God’s Word that will bless you when the time of trouble comes. God’s promises never fail. His word will not return void. There is a treasury of snow God has prepared for you through your prayers. The way snow collects on mountaintops, your prayers are stored up for the time of trouble.

Key Scriptures:

Job 38:22-23; Isaiah 55:8-11; Isaiah 45:3; Acts 10:4; Psalms 147:15-18

Key Points:

  1. If there’s no snow, there’s no flow. You shouldn’t be worried if there are prayers God hasn’t answered; you should be worried if there aren’t any. You might be one more snowflake of praise away from causing an avalanche! When you store up snowflakes of prayer, they will melt and release a flow of healing, deliverance, and revival. If there's no snow, there's no flow.
  2. Build an ice palace of worship. All of your worship is building a memorial before the Lord. Your prayers are building something before God that gets His attention. Build a memorial over your house with your prayers. Keep praising even when nothing happens.
  3. The best time to pray is when it’s cold. Don’t give up when it gets cold; that’s the best time to pray. It may feel like the situation you’re in is withered up and there’s no hope. But like a withered tree after the winter, you will bloom again! Stand the cold.

Final Thoughts:

None of your prayers are wasted. As you pray, you are storing up prayers like snow on a mountaintop. Don’t give up when it’s cold. Instead, pray even more, trusting that you are building a memorial before God.


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