Sermon Notes

August 16, 2022

The Power of Short Prayers

There is power in short prayers. Paul cast a demon out of a woman in 14 words. Hezekiah prayed a 39-word prayer and God added 15 more years to his life. Habakkuk prayed for revival in only 33 words. Jabez prayed 30 words and God answered him. Even the Lord’s Prayer is only 68 words. The more time you spend with Jesus, you’ll spend more time in prayer, but you can start praying with short prayers.


Key Scripture:

Habakkuk 3:1-4; 2 Kings 1:12; Acts 3:1-10; Acts 16:16-18; Isaiah 38:1-5; 1 Chronicles 4:10; Matthew 6:9-13; James 5:16; Luke 23:39-43


Reflection Questions:

· Have you ever considered that you do not have to pray for a long time for God to hear you?

· Has God ever answered one of your short prayers?


Key Points:

1. Short prayers have a sense of urgency that long prayers often do not. Just like a mother passionately shouts when her child runs in the road, you can pray a short, passionate, and effective prayer.

2. When we pray, God moves. Although God is omnipresent, when you pray, God “moves” from where He is to where you are praying. (v. 3)

3. If you learn to pray, you can see the miraculous. You never know who God will call to do the impossible, or when He will call upon you, but through prayer, anything is possible.

4. God can fix anything if you pray. God can’t stand to see His creation broke down on the side of the road. He knows how to fix what’s broken. If you pray, He will come to do what you cannot! What is impossible with man is possible with God.

5. God will leave His purpose to work with your possibility. Jesus was frequently stopped on his journey to work with the possibility of a miracle in their life.

6. You see where people are right now, but God sees a possibility. We should be blind to who people are right now. God does not just see who people are, He sees what His grace, blood, and Word can do in their lives.


Reflection Question:

· Who do you need to pray for today that needs God’s help?


7. Even on the cross, Jesus stopped to save the thief. Calvary was Jesus’ purpose, but even on the cross, the thief next to him prayed 9 words and Jesus put his purpose on hold to answer him.

8. God puts everything on hold to answer your prayer. God will put everything on hold to save one sinner, set one captive free, heal one sickness, or restore one family. He can do it today if you pray and receive your miracle today.


Reflection Question:

· What do you need prayer for today?

· Do you believe God can answer your prayer?


Final Thoughts:

You don’t have to pray a long prayer for God to hear you, all you need is faith. Throughout the Bible, there are stories of God hearing and responding to short prayers. From prophets to thieves, God is drawn to our prayer. He will leave his purpose to answer your prayer of possibility. Whatever you need today, ask God for it. He is ready to answer you because He loves you.


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