Sermon Notes

May 24, 2015


We are deep believers in the doctrine of laying on hands and praying for one another. Twice a year we gather as a church and lay hands on our entire congregation. Even our children! It is a precedent set by God Himself throughout scripture, and oh how we have seen Him move in this way!


Before we started our annual 21-day-fast last January, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “This is a year of increase.”


Increase! Well, since we laid hands on one another and prayed, I have been promoted to Grandpa! I had always heard that you can’t prepare your heart for the love that you will have for your grandbaby, and they were right. I am crazy about our little Amelia Jude! My cup truly runs over in a way I never knew was possible.


Not only has our family been abundantly blessed, but also our church body. We have officially purchased a campus in Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina and will be launching a brand new Free Chapel this September! We prayed for increase and the Lord unfolded this plan before our eyes.


God is no respecter of persons. What He will do for me, He will assuredly do for you. And He has done just that. We have heard thousands of testimonies from around the world; people just like you, of bodies being healed, financial increase, marriages restored and other miracles unfolding after believers laid hands on one another.


One such testimony that really ministered to my heart came from a family in our church.


Their world was unexpectedly rocked at the birth of their second son, Trey. Diagnosed with multiple holes in his heart, his future was marked as complicated and fragile. News no parent can easily swallow, they turned to prayer. Day after day, week after week, month after month, this family prayed and laid hands on their sweet boy. Even when their situation seemingly stayed the same, they continued to pray and lay hands on him.


They joined us this year on the fast, believing their “increase” would come in the form of a healthy baby boy.


They had an appointment scheduled just days before the close of this year’s fast. With grumbling bellies and expectant hearts, they awaited the update.


After performing an extensive ultrasound, the doctor turned to the anxious parents. Tearfully, he shared the news they had been hoping for; “The holes are completely gone. Praise the Lord, the holes are GONE!” The doctor himself began to tear up!


You see, prayer coupled with the laying on of hands is powerful! We are believing that this year will be one of increase for you and your family. May we never forget that the God who created the universe lives within us. He is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask for, think of, or imagine!


Whatever it is you are in need of this year, I urge you to join with other believers and lay hands on one another… and then make sure you let us know the miracles God performs!