Sermon Notes

September 1, 2023

Praise is Our Purpose

Lucifer was not always the devil; he was once the anointed cherub of praise, created to praise and bring glory to God. But he rebelled and was cast out of Heaven. Now, the devil wants to take out your praise because we took his place, and he knows the power of our praise. Will you release the power of praise in your life?

Key Scriptures:

Genesis 12:1-14; Genesis 20:2-3; Genesis 26:7; Jeremiah 32:18; Job 21:19; Hosea 4:6; II Corinthians 12:14; Hosea 4:6; Psalm 103:17; Luke 1:50; II Timothy 1:5; II Kings 19:32-34; Psalm 105:8

Key Points:

  1. I am saved and satisfied. You lose your desire for sin when you’re saved and satisfied in Christ. You receive a new nature that favors what is right and doesn’t want anything that takes you away from Christ.
  2. You were raised to praise. God has chosen you for a purpose: to praise the Lord. He saved you so you could praise Him. If you have breath, praise the Lord!
  3. You’ve been set free to sing. You were justified to glorify. Use your body to praise the Lord. The hands that used to hold cigarettes, the lips that used to vape, and the mouth that used to cuss were saved to give Him praise!
  4. God’s church must remain powerful in praise. Teach your children to praise the Lord. If you don’t want a lukewarm church, you must do something about it. Refuse to be people that “used to” praise the Lord!
  5. If you cease to worship, you are soliciting praise for yourself. You are never more demonic than when you refuse to praise God and give Him glory. Get the focus off yourself and onto God.
  6. Three things happen if you refuse to worship:
    1. You get down. If you’re in the valley, learn to praise your way out.
    2. You get bound. If you don’t praise the Lord, you’ll become something you don’t want to be and return to the things God set you free from.
    3. You encourage someone else not to worship. If you stop praising the Lord, someone else will follow you because you were their example.

Final Thoughts:

You were saved for a purpose: to praise the Lord! Use the body that used to sin to praise the Lord instead. If you don’t, you’ll get down, bound, and lead others away from God with you. Learn to praise the Lord, despite the circumstances, and watch what God can do with the power of your praise!