Sermon Notes

June 16, 2024

Father's, Where Are You?

Genesis 3 is an account of what happened then and what happens now to every family. Every family experiences attacks, and it is up to the man to decide how he will lead his family.


Key Scriptures:

Genesis 2:22-3:1; Genesis 3:9; Ephesians 5:23; Ezekiel 22:29-30


Key Points:

  1. You have an enemy. It is not just dysfunctional families that the devil and his demons attack. Adam and Eve had a perfect marriage, and the serpent immediately came to deceive them and destroy their marriage.
  2. Speak up for your family. Adam was with Eve when she was deceived but said nothing. Do not let that happen to you and your family! Men need to stand for the Word of God. It is up to the man to speak up with boldness in prayer.
  3. Do not hide from God. When Adam sinned, he hid from God. When men sin today, they do the same thing. It is time to come out of hiding! Where are you when the devil comes to attack your wife and children?
  4. Do not blame your wife. Adam blamed his wife when they sinned; do not make the same mistake. Your wife is not the problem! The man is responsible for the home.
  5. The man is the head of his wife. As Christ is the Head of His Church, so the man is the head of his wife. If the husband does not lead his home, the devil will. When Eve sinned, it was not Adam’s fault, but it was his responsibility to deal with it. If there’s trouble in the home, it is the man’s responsibility to make a plan, not excuses. Sin was not God’s fault, but He took responsibility for it. Instead of giving up on His children, God sent Jesus to take on your sin. And the more you know His love, the more you will love your family.


Final Thoughts:

You cannot run your family like a business. You cannot “fire” your children or wife. Family is a covenant that loves no matter what happens. Grow up and realize it is a struggle, but your family is worth fighting for!