Sermon Notes

January 7, 2024

Fasting: The Power of Doing the Unseen

Sermon Notes

When you fast and pray, the favor of God is attracted to you because God sees what other people don’t see. What we do for God privately, He rewards publicly. The unseen things you do are what gets God’s attention.

Key Scriptures:

I Kings 7:13-22; Matthew 6:17-18; Song of Solomon 2:1-2; Matthew 23:37; Leviticus 11:3; Luke 12:27; Joel 2:12-32

Key Points:

  1. Use your talents to build the Kingdom of God. If there’s anything you have that God can use, ask God during this fast to use it for His glory!
  2. God sees the unseen. Hiram made lilies on the top of the pillars in front of the Temple. Nobody saw them but God. God is interested in what nobody else sees but Him. God sees the things no one else sees, like fasting and prayer.
  3. God wants us to work on the stuff only He can see. Take time during the fast to pray, read your Bible, and worship in private. Do it all because you love and adore Him.
  4. Man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart. God sees the inside, while the public sees the outside. Don’t be like the Pharisees Jesus rebuked for looking clean on the outside but full of dead bones on the inside. Spend time on the things no one else sees but you and God.
  5. Don’t have a swine spirit. In Leviticus, only animals with a split hoof and a stomach that could digest cud could not be eaten. Swine have a split hoof but were not allowed to be eaten because of their inside. The Bible is how you get clean on the inside. When you get alone with Jesus, you get favor and wisdom, and people will marvel.

Final Thoughts:

The real things God sees are when you give, fast, pray, love, and say no to temptation, all while nobody is watching. Turn your heart toward God with fasting, weeping, and mounting. When you do, your judgment will turn into favor, God will bless you wondrously, you will never be put to shame, you will hear from the Lord, and you will see deliverance!