Sermon Notes

October 24, 2021

Faith in the Father's House

Your faith is more precious than gold, more precious than anything in your life. Sometimes we have to go through difficult times to be reminded how important our faith really is. The heroes in the Bible lived lives of extreme faith that sustained them in times of great trial, even unto death. But even when you are in a time of testing and proving, even when your circumstances are not good,  you must hold on to your faith and believe God is good.


Key Points:

1. Faith is a daily dependence on God. If you don’t have faith then you don’t have anything.


2. Your job and your possessions are not your God. We are thankful for these things but they are not to be our God.


3. Faith is the currency of heaven. Faith is what transacts every situation we encounter. Faith can help you to prosper but your prosperity does not substantiate your life. Without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).


4. The devil is a liar and we have to learn to hear the voice of God above the noise of the world. So much competes for your attention and affection. Learn to discern the voice of God above the cry of the world.


5. Faith has to be proven. It has to go through the fire to stand the test of extreme heat and pressures of life.

a. Famine can take you under or take you to the next level- a shift takes place in difficult times and God will use your famine to prove you and promote you

b. Sow in a time of famine---this shows great faith

c. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord


6. Faith believes that if God did it before, He can and will do it again. It is the evidence of things unseen.


7. God will use what destroys others to raise you up for a powerful purpose. Some have given up on their dreams because of the pandemic---but God is looking to raise up those who remain faithful in times of trouble---even global trouble.


There are things a father provides in a time of famine:
1. A godly father provides provision---there is no lack


2. A godly father’s home is blessed with plenty


3. Anyone that yokes with that house will be blessed as well


4. If you don’t have an earthly father, then you need a spiritual earthly father. There are homes God wants to connect you to spiritually


5. In a godly father’s house there is extra, above and beyond what is needed


6. A father has something to impart spiritually that you need to connect with---dreams, purpose, anointing, worship, counsel

a. That’s why we run into the house of the Lord

b. You need to get your whole family to the house of the Lord


The spirit of the prodigal:

1. The spirit of the prodigal says “I want it now!”


2. The spirit of the prodigal wants something for nothing---it doesn’t not understand working, saving, and waiting


3. The prodigal doesn’t want to work for provision. The Bible says if you don’t work, you don’t eat


4. The prodigal wants something before its time has come—there is no patience


5. The prodigal has a spirit of socialism: Socialism destroys and it demands its fair share without working for it


6. The prodigal hears a voice that tells them they are limited when they are not


7. The spirit of the prodigal acquires debt after debt


8. The pride of a prodigal sees himself or herself as more important than they are


Final Thoughts:

God will not always give you what you want. He will only give you what you can manage. He also watches to see if you are faithful with what He gives you. If we stay in God’s house He will instruct you in all things and increase your faith----and it is impossible to please God without faith. If you ever encounter difficult times, only God will remain and never leave you. He is a Father that will open the door and welcome you home.


The path back to prosperity for America is to return to the Father’s house. If you want to see prosperity in your own life, the path back begins when you make your way to the Father’s house. Everything your family needs is in the house of God. Your faith is more precious than gold. Return to the Father’s house. Return to the Word. Return to corporate worship with a community of believers. Everything you need is in the house of the Father, even in a famine.