Sermon Notes

August 8, 2022

Colliding With Your Destiny

We are to put God first in everything we do. In our marriage, our work, and in our relationships God should come first. In the beginning, God created all things including man and woman. God is a creative God and we are sons and daughters of creativity. Creativity is needed in our lives today or else we can become stale. This creative God creates moments of “time and chance” for every life, and today could be yours. Will you make room for God in your life and in your home? Will you allow for the possibility that your moment of opportunity is about to knock on your door? A divine appointment is coming to you soon. Get ready.


Key Scripture:

Ecclesiastics 9:9-1; Genesis 1:1; John 5:4


Key Points:

1. God can make something out of nothing. He can cause dead things to live, even the dreams that once seemed like they were dead. God gives time and chance to us all.

2. You are one in a million—not a mistake. God had a purpose for choosing you over all the others for His purpose.

3. The word “chance” in Hebrew means “to collide.” This comes in the form of miracle moments — your miracle moments.

4. You have an appointed time and an extraordinary appointment for your destiny. What you do when your chance and your time comes is up to you and how you respond. Will you soar like an eagle or stay in the low places and be ensnared in a net?


Reflection Questions:

· Have you ever considered that an extraordinary moment in time is coming to you?

· If that moment came this week would you be ready or are you so preoccupied with other things that you don’t have time to even think about it right now?


5. You must meet your miracle moments with great expectation. When time and chance collide, you need to be ready so you don’t miss your moment.

6. Every Sunday is one of those moments. God is speaking every time you come to church—don’t miss the moment He is speaking to you because you chose to be somewhere else.

7. You have to make room for time and chance. Don’t miss your time. You have a purpose and you have a time. Live in great expectation for those moments.


Reflection Question:

· Do you make room for Jesus and His presence every week? Every day? If yes, how? If no or not enough, why not?


8. This is the high time for God’s favor. You have come to the kingdom for such a time as this!! This is your time and this is your chance. Don’t miss it. The focus of God is on your life right now.

9. You’ve heard and seen the miracles God has done for others, but this is the time for yours. Ask and you shall receive. This is your time for advancement and a new purpose.

10. This is not a normal time in history, nor is this a normal time in your life. Can you sense it? Do you receive this for your life in THIS season?


Reflection Questions:

· Do you sense that these are extraordinary times we are living in?

· Have you considered that God chose you to live in this time for a reason?


Final Thoughts:

Your time is right now, are you ready? Can you sense it? Time and chance are coming to your home---will you be ready or will you get caught in a net or a snare set by the enemy? Time and chance happen to everyone, and yours is coming, it may even be here already. How will you respond? Don’t miss your moment. God’s goodness is running after you today. Expect it. Be prepared for it because it’s coming.


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