Sermon Notes

April 24, 2022

Act Like a Man

We need men who will act like men, strong and courageous. We need men to be watchful and stand firm in the faith. This is a season where all believers need to be on their guard for their families and their faith. Don’t be wishy-washy. Stand on the unshakable Word of God and do all things in love.


Key Scripture

I Corinthians 16:13-15; I Kings 2:2; I Peter 3; Romans 1:26-32; Daniel 9; I Corinthians 13:11


Key Points for Men of Faith

1. Act out what you are. Stand Firm in the Faith. You can be a man and not act like a man. You can be a father and not act like a father, married but not act like you’re married. If you are going to be a Christian, act like a Christian.


2. Lead and take responsibility. Lead and do everything in love. Be accountable in your marriage and lead your family. Don’t break down when your family is falling to pieces. Gird yourself and find courage. Act like a man. Fight for your family. God wired you to be a leader.


Reflection Questions

1. Have you been bothered by the developments in our nation recently (Disney, Transgender Agenda, sex changes, and education for children)?


2. If yes, how are you responding? Are you taking action or simply observing the transformation of your nation? What are some things you can do to take action? Should you?


3. Lose the drama. Handle conflict with conviction but also with love. You must have self-control. Your reaction to issues matters and may have lasting effects.


4. Don’t act like an animal. An animal pleases its own appetites: my needs, my desires, my will, my way. Animals lack manners and shame. How many men act like animals? Do you? Your bedroom is not a locker room—esteem others as more important. Be polite and selfless and place others’ needs ahead of your own. Teach your sons how to act like a Christian man—polite and courteous, but also strong and without fear.


5. Don’t act like a child. Boys have to be taken care of. Boys don’t say I’m sorry. Grow up. Put away childish things.


6. What are some of your key takeaways from today’s message?


Final Thoughts
Be watchful. Be on guard. Pay attention.


Stand firm in your faith—hold tight to your convictions. Don’t allow your theology to justify your lifestyle. Instead, adjust your lifestyle to the Bible.


Let all that you do be done in love. Run every reaction through the filter of love. Love without stopping. Every action and reaction must be done in love.


The truth of God’s love must be present in every area of your life. Stand up and be counted. Admit your weaknesses and commit to growing in your faith … and then act like a man. You are not a beast or an animal; you are a child of God. Ask God to transform you into the image of the living God. Be watchful and stand on the walls of your home and guard your family against every invader.


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