What Happens in the Unseen World When You Fast and Pray?

December 28, 2018

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The Bible speaks of a spiritual realm that takes prayer AND fasting to conquer. Daniel knew it. Paul knew it. Jesus knew it. You MUST know it too. You have things in your life that WILL not come off with just a colossal prayer. . In this message, learn how your physical action through fasting moves God’s hand in your favor.


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I was on my 33rd day of 40 days fasting when I received the news that my 3rd youngest brother passed away.

account_circle Siweki Moyo

Last year my husband' life was in danger , their was a lot of taxi violence after reading our pastor book fasting I posted a prayer request and God protected my husband. And this year I am fasting for 21 days for I have faith that my husband will receive this salvation and continued divine protection ,I am diabetic but I am trusting God for a thousand fold blessing. Currently living in South Africa

account_circle Gloria Kache

All my life have lived a very reckless one, this year am changing the way I want to associate with my things...have started with fasting asking God to direct me in evrything, because have realised one thing..without putting God first we can't achieve anything...am on day 6 of my fasting...I ask the spirit of God to be with me and give me strength when am losing my hope..in Jesus name I have Prayed..Amen

account_circle Ifuela Esdsille

Thank you Jesus. I am committed to desirable to you. I fast and prayer so you can receive all the honor and glory, because they belong to you. Have mercy on me a sinner, and cover me with your blessings Lord, in Jesus name. Amen

account_circle Jide Dare

I have realized that I have greatly disconnected from God and with this message, I have been reactivated.