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January 28, 2016

Ghana Project: Education

Transformational education in Ghana is greatly hindered by inadequate teachers, long distances to school, high rates of child labor, gender disparity and teenage pregnancy just to name a few challenges referenced in a report published in 2014 by the Ministry Of Gender, Children And Social Protection in Ghana.DSC_0958

Join other Kingdom Connection Partners in funding the $270,000 building project that will complete the Katie Franklin Educational Complex—bringing Christian Education to Ghana, Africa.

This building project is underway! The children currently meet in existing 30-year old buildings that wear the harsh effects of the arid North African climate. New classrooms, facilities and a proper dining hall will serve to educate the little girls living on campus at House of Grace orphanage as well as boys and girls in Anwomaso, many whose parents work in nearby Kumasi. The new school will make room for more children to attend!

At this school, all of the teachers are highly qualified and Christian. Not only are these children receiving top education, they are hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ daily!

Education is key in giving these children an opportunity to escape poverty, enslavement and destitution. A Christian education will TRANSFORM their lives! In Ghana, 34% of children aged 5-14 are in child labor and throughout Africa, over 90% of the children report experiencing some type of violence of sexual abuse. The trafficking of children for sex is an ongoing problem that even the government is trying to combat.

DSC_0949 When you provide a safe learning environment, a community of people who care and can be trusted, and on top of that an education that is opening future opportunities, you are literally transforming lives. You’re taking children who cannot see past their reality—the cycle their family has known for generations—and giving them a vision for possibilities they had no idea existed!

The Katie Franklin Educational Complex is the answer to a promise made to a local Ghanaian land chief decades ago. The chief saw hope—the prospect for change in his culture—if only the children could be given the education they deserve. Bringing Christian education to this region is truly an instrument of God’s grace and His power to transform lives!

Be a part of this. Bring the future in sight for the children of Ghana. This school is a key resource in rescuing, rehabilitating and restoring hope to children who are facing a cycle of peril. Give today for their tomorrow!