Daily Devotion

June 6, 2013


“I am the Lord your God…who directs you.” Isa 48:17 NIV

The ark of the covenant represented three things to the people of Israel. And these are three things you need in your life. Let’s look carefully at each:
(1) Victory. When Israel went into battle they must have looked strange to their enemies, because the priests who carried the ark of the covenant went ahead of the army. Indeed, when their enemies saw it they may have laughed and said, “What’s that all about? What’s the big deal with the box?” But after they had been humbled by defeat they realized they weren’t fighting man, but God. And when you are in right standing with God He will go before you and fight your battles. And the great thing is, God has never lost a battle. (2) Guidance. When the Israelites needed direction, God spoke to them in the place where the ark rested in the tabernacle. And they discovered what you will discover: when you seek God’s guidance and listen to Him, you won’t get it wrong. His guidance system is infallible: “I am the Lord your God…who directs you in the way you should go.” (3) Prosperity. Prosperity simply means, “Having enough to do the will of God.” And that’s how much God wants you to have, no more and no less. When the ark rested for a three-month span in the house of a man called Obed-Edom, all that he had was blessed and multiplied (See 2Sa 6:10-12). Could you use more victory, more guidance, and more prosperity? Spend time in God’s presence, and then carry it with you wherever you go.