Daily Devotion

September 11, 2016

Who Should I Vote For?

Every time you turn on the TV or read the news it seems that politicians and the media are constantly trying to sway America’s vote to their desired direction. Without doing due diligence, it is easy to get distracted by all the noise. In fact, many people are confused about how to vote. Some people vote for the republican or democratic candidate out of habit or family tradition. Others vote based on personality or charisma.


The fact is, Christians should always vote for the candidate who best aligns with their core values and beliefs. In every debate, article or news program listen for the candidates’ stand on key biblical issues. Which candidate best aligns with your values on the unborn, marriage, the family, religious freedom and your ability to believe as you wish? Who most closely aligns with God’s Word? Who will nominate judges (especially Supreme Court Justices) who will defend the constitution and not attempt to rewrite it? What do the candidates think about Israel, not just as our most loyal ally, but also about what God said for any nation that desires His blessing?


This November, every responsible citizen should cast their vote for the candidates who best represent Christian values. That is our part. The rest we will leave up to the Lord.