Daily Devotion

February 25, 2014

Victory Unfolding (1)

Have you ever practiced being quiet? It’s an important skill that can make all the difference when you’re waiting on the promises of God. Joshua knew the value of being quiet. The Lord told Joshua he would have victory over Jericho and gave him specific instructions for achieving it:

Joshua had given orders to the people, “Don’t shout. In fact, don’t even speak—not so much as a whisper until you hear me say, ‘Shout!’— then shout away!”
—Joshua 6:10 MSG

It seems odd to tell thousands of people not to speak one word as they march around a city. But Joshua understood two keys to victory. First, God has promised victory in the lives of His people. And second, His people sometimes talk themselves out of that victory if they don’t see it happening when they think it should.

The people of God tend to get nervous when there’s a delay in His promises, when there’s no outward evidence of “things unseen.” If what we’re waiting for isn’t happening in the time frame we think it should, we begin to question God. We walk by sight instead of by faith. But be careful; negative thoughts and words can postpone the victory He’s preparing for us.