Daily Devotion

The Word for Multitaskers

March 24, 2019


“But Martha [overly occupied and too busy] was distracted.” Lk 10:40 AMPC


One of the great buzzwords of this generation is multitasking. Used properly, it can make you more productive. Used wrongly, such as trying to text someone while you’re driving, it can kill you. You will not enjoy today, or the gifts it contains, if you don’t have a balanced attitude toward work. One day Jesus visited the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha. What a contrast! Martha was “overly occupied and too busy,” while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus and soaked up everything He had to say. She was determined not to miss this precious moment. And Jesus said Mary made a better choice than Martha did. Now, He didn’t tell Martha not to work; He told her to stop getting frustrated and having a bad attitude while she worked. Jesus wants you to work hard, but He also wants you to be wise enough to realize when you should stop all activity and not miss the miracle of His presence in the moment. The Bible says, “Give your mind to what you are doing” (Ecc 5:1 AMPC). In other words, train yourself to focus your full attention on what you are involved in at any given time. Then finish it before starting something else. This kind of concentration requires discipline, but it’s worth it because being able to focus helps you enjoy the present moment. Breaking the bad habit of excessive multitasking may sound easy, but it’s actually quite difficult. So be determined to form new, balanced habits in this area. When you do, the quality of your life will improve.