Daily Devotion

March 20, 2012

The Need to Be Accountable (2)

“The people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.” Jdg 17:6 NLT

There’s no better depiction of our ego-driven nature than this: “The people did whatever seemed right in their own eyes.” Their philosophy was: “Don’t tell me what to do.” But that philosophy leaves you without checks or balances, exposing you to the dominating power of your flesh. We’re all capable of becoming addicted to something. Recognizing that is a necessary first step to overcoming it. “The sin that so easily entangles” (Heb 12:1 NIV) may be a weakness for food, money, sex, drugs, alcohol, popularity, toxic relationships, power, workaholism, etc. When it strikes, you’re much more likely to capitulate if you’re alone and can act covertly. “If you fall without having a friend nearby, you are really in trouble” (Ecc 4:10 CEV). You need to “turn on the light” immediately by connecting with your support system and sharing your situation. Don’t allow the darkness of isolation to overpower you. “If you fall, your friend can help you up” (v. 10 CEV). The pride that drives you to hide your weakness will keep you permanently weak. The humility to acknowledge it and ask for help is the key to breaking the vicious cycle. God has blessed us with mature, caring people who recognize our common struggles and will help us deal with them. We are part of Christ’s church, and “if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it” (1Co 12:26 NAS). God instructed Moses, “Select…some…honest men who fear God…They will help you carry the load” (Ex 18:21-22 NLT). Accept the help God provides!