Daily Devotion

September 22, 2016

Take Action

2 Kings 13 is a story of a man named Jehoash who visits Elisha for council. Jehoash was not considered to be a good king by God because of his evil acts, but when terror was at the door, he had the sense to understand that Elisha was someone who could perhaps provide wise and divine counsel. This story should remind us that even when a nation’s leaders “do evil in the eyes of the Lord,” God still stands ready to help those who seek Him.


When Jehoash arrives at Elisha’s home, Elisha tells him to take a bow and arrows to the window. As Jehoash shot the arrow Elisha proclaimed, “The arrow of the Lord’s deliverance!” The arrow of God’s deliverance is a powerful reminder that there is no mountain our God cannot lay flat. The enemy has come into our nation like a flood, but God has given us arrows of deliverance. Prayer, fasting, standing up, being salt and light, voting, being vocal and fighting for our nation are all arrows of deliverance.


We have to stand up as one voice. We see the hands of a dying nation on the threshold of the church. We must stop arguing among ourselves and come together. When Israel heard what had happened in their nation, the Bible says they came together.


It’s time to unify. We want to vilify people, but Satan is the real enemy. Spiritual wickedness is the foe. Our weapons are not carnal, but they’re mighty through God.


We need intense Christians. As the body of Christ we’re just doing our own thing, having church and taking care of ourselves. Our nation is in trouble, and it’s time for the prophets and the men and women of God to come forth and declare the Word of the Lord.


“Today’s complacency is tomorrow’s captivity. The firewall against secular totalitarianism is religious liberty and religious pluralism.”


– Sammy Rodriguez


America has never been in more trouble than she’s in right now, and God has never been more anxious to give arrows of deliverance to the Church than He is right now. Every pulpit in America needs to stand and say, “It’s time to be the salt and the light of the world.” Consider it. Take Counsel. Take Action. Speak up.


In Joshua 1:8 God says to Joshua, “As I was with Moses, so I’ll be with you.” God is saying to us today, “As I was with those previous generations, I’m with this generation, and I can do amazing things. But you’ve got to speak up.”


We need to speak up. We need to confess God is with us. God essentially tells Joshua, “I want you to speak up. I want you to talk about what you believe. I want you to defend what you know is the truth. Speak up. Fast and pray. Don’t say anything in violation of what I’ve told you.”


We need to fast and pray because the hands of a dying nation are on the threshold of the church. God can restore what the enemy has taken. The greatest revival the world has ever seen can begin if our nation turns back to God.