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Secrets of self-control (6)

January 9, 2018

“Don’t give the Devil a chance.”       Eph 4:27 GNT


Avoid the things that tempt you. Stay away from situations that weaken your self-control. If you do not want to be stung, stay away from bees. Plan in advance to avoid situations that you know are going to cause temptation in your life. Don’t keep candy in the cupboard if you are trying to diet. Don’t acquire credit cards if you are an impulse spender. Get rid of your access to pornography if you are struggling with it. If you are a teenager, the time to begin thinking about self-control is not when you’re in the back seat of a car with someone who turns you on. Question: What do you need to avoid? Or get rid of? Magazines? Books? DVDs? A relationship? The Bible says, “Bad company corrupts good character” (1Co 15:33 NIV). Avoid people and situations that tempt you. You may need to change your job because a relationship there is wrong and harmful to you. That’s a drastic measure, but you may need to do something that drastic in order to avoid whatever is tempting you at this particular time. If you have lived through years of repeated failure, then it’s time to get honest—and humble. It’s time to pray: “Lord, I’m not strong enough to resist this temptation by myself. Help me!” He will! “I patiently waited, Lord, for you to hear my prayer. You listened and pulled me from a lonely pit full of mud and mire. You let me stand on a rock with my feet firm…Many will see this, and they will honor and trust you, the Lord God” (Ps 40:1-3 CEV).


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account_circle Barbara McKee

I was trying to figure out why I was having problems with the wrong kind of thoughts then yesterday I was out with my daughter and I figured it out. The song she had playing talked about nothing but illicit sex. And the tune was very catchy. I told my daughter that I cant listen to that type of music anymore because it gives me the wrong thoughts to which she basically said I am an idiot and something is " wrong" with me. Now, shes 25 and her tone was disrespectful. I told her we can find music we both like to listen to. She was having none if that... In My Car.... I tried to remain calm and respectful which at that point was a Challenge. She kept on belittling me and such til I finally just plainly said. The music is of Satan and I will not have it around me or in my car at all. Then she said I was calling her satanic which I was not. That conversation did not end well and I told her we need a little time apart until she feels she can be respectful. She called later and apoligised and I told her I dont view her as Satan but really when God looks at her He sees someone who he loved enough to give His Son for and I dont see her as bad. I told her that me not wanting that music in my car should not have been something that blew up like it did. And told her if we cant have mutual respect then we have to be apart til we can. I am usually very laid back so this was hard for me but very necessary. I am learni g how to stand up for myself an d be loving and respeectful at tbe same time. Please pray for me on this. Thanks for the message.

account_circle Shelly Jackson

Thank you for sharing this timely word of encouragement. I trust the Lord through his Holy Spirit to keep me away from situations that tends to weaken my self control.

account_circle C Wilson

Satan I plead the Blood of Jesus against you and all that you stand for! This message was a blessing to me. Even though for the most part I do my best and resist temptation, sometimes it becomes overwhelming and a fight between good and evil pursues; now this is where I cry out to Jesus because I know He will see me through victoriously. No one say it was easy! Satan attacks us more when he sees we are not on his side. Now I am learning more each day on how to pray and release my fears, shortcomings, unhealthy situations, people with toxic attitudes and behaviour, among other things I know will impede my Spiritual growth. Even though I have self control I know Spiritually I lack, and this message has given solutions. Solutions I can share with others especially the young people. Thanks and God bless you all!

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