Daily Devotion

November 27, 2021

Remember what you used to be like? (2)

“I entered their world…to experience things from their point of view.” 1Co 9:22 MSG


It’s easy to develop “spiritual amnesia.” You forget what you used to be like. And that attitude affects the people you deal with each day. One author writes: “I’ve a workplace acquaintance who embodies all the negative stereotypes of evangelical Christians. She’s judgmental…her behavior borders on bizarre…she’s completely (and purposefully) out of touch with culture. She considers any attempt to tone down her evangelism as persecution…None of us wants to be like that so we hop on the pendulum as it swings in the other direction and our efforts become so subtle, they’re imperceptible.” How can we share our faith, while maintaining a high level of integrity? (1) Ask sincere questions and listen with a caring spirit. (2) When appropriate, tell others you’re praying for them—then do it! (3) Pray driving to work and ask God to help you see your workplace as a mission field. (4) Don’t downplay the importance of your faith. When it naturally fits a conversation, talk about church, prayer, Scripture, and Christian community. Let others see joy and purpose in your life. (5) Demonstrate God’s love for all people by initiating a company food drive…or organizing a blood drive. (6) Strive for excellence. Be the person that your manager and co-workers rely on to do a solid job. (7) Invite coworkers to events with your Christian friends. Nonchurchgoers are often open to going on holidays like Christmas or Easter. (8) When you’re not sure about when to speak, check in with God and “when the time comes…the Holy Spirit will make his witness in and through you” (Mk 13:11 MSG). (9) Above all—maintain a humble attitude!