Daily Devotion

March 10, 2017

Put away the measuring stick!

“If you…Lord, kept a record of sins…who could stand?” 
Ps 130:3 NIV We live in a results-oriented society where we’re rewarded for our performance in school, in sports, and on the job. But God doesn’t think like that. His thoughts and ways are far above ours (See Isa 55:8-9). He’s not impressed by “empty rituals…He wants you to listen to him!” (1Sa 15:22 TM). Feelings and emotions are powerful, but they’re seldom objective. And when you base your worth as a Christian on your performance as a flawed human being, the Enemy has a field day. Satan is called “the accuser of our brethren” (Rev 12:10); he wants you to run a check-list of your failures and mistakes. That way he can torment you by reminding you of all the times you lose your temper, criticize, fail to speak up for what’s right, or let a misconception go unchecked to make yourself look better. David said if the “Lord, kept a record of sin…who could stand?” Even the most disciplined believer has areas where he or she struggles and fails. It’s why we need God’s grace and forgiveness 24/7. “He knows how weak we are” (Ps 103:14 NLT), and He’s never surprised when despite our best intentions, we fall short. Reimar Schultze says: “God doesn’t measure us by our performance, but by our love for Jesus. Indeed, in the Kingdom of God our love for Jesus is our performance. Everything else is secondary. [Our] desire to be with Him, to abide in Him, to keep in fellowship with Him, to please Him, is what our Master longs for.” So put away your measuring stick and be glad God’s not grading you based on your performance, but on Christ’s performance.