Daily Devotion

March 2, 2014

Prepared to Lead (2)

I want to share with you about The D.N.A. of a leader. In Moses’ story, we see the process God puts someone through when He is about to use them for His glory. I want to talk about the first step that Moses had to go through in this process of development: Alienation of Leadership.

Anytime God is going to use you and do something in your life like He did with Moses, He will alienate you. The Lord will draw you out and put you in a situation where you feel alone and alienated from everything you know. The Bible tells us that Moses was born Hebrew, but God drew him out and put him in the Egyptian palace. Then God drew him out of the palace and put him around people he was not comfortable or familiar with.

So many times when God is going to do something in your life, He first will put you through the “alienation” of leadership. This is the time when you just don’t fit in. There is a process God will put you through sometimes if He is trying to bring out the leader inside of you. He will bring you out of what you are used to so that He can bring you into what you were made to be.

Being alienated can be a lonely thing. Loneliness is a terrible thing, but aloneness with God is a necessity. God will force you into alienation to the point that the only voice you can hear is His, and the only one you have to talk to is Him.