Daily Devotions

Obedience training

January 19, 2018

“I delight to do Your will.”      Ps 40:8 NKJV


Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth, wrote: “Tonight I sit on the porch, our old German Shepherd dog lying at my feet. Thunder rumbles in the distance. As the storm nears he tears into the front yard to meet it…furiously doing battle. As it passes he returns to the porch, convinced he has driven it away. He’s a German guard dog, carefully trained in search and rescue, attack and obedience. Search and rescue in these mountains can come in handy. I can’t imagine an occasion on which I’d give the order to attack. But a well-trained dog can sense hostility or spot a weapon (even what resembles a weapon), in which case it’s a wise person who freezes in his tracks. But it’s the obedience training that gives real joy. To stop, to sit, to lie down, to go away, to search, to stay, to heel. A disobedient dog is not only a headache, he can be a liability. Obedience makes a dog a joy. Is it less so with God and His children? There are some I know who’ve been trained in attack. We will not mention their names—you may know a few—but they’re skilled at it. Then there are those trained in search and rescue. (I put the Salvation Army in this group.) And there are those who’ve been trained in obedience. I think this more than anything else must give the Lord pleasure. Simple obedience; joyful, eager, unquestioning obedience. To be able to say with the Psalmist, ‘I delight to do Your will, O my God’ would be the height of training for the Christian. For this is what gives God the greatest pleasure.”


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account_circle Isimeli Volavola

Obedience is better than sacrifice. As a parent it gives us great joy when our kids are obedient. I believe it's the same with our Heavenly FATHER. Easier said then done when we are grown ups.During this season of prayer and fasting my prayer is that GOD and The HOLY SPIRIT will help me to be obedient to HIS Word, Will and Purpose.

account_circle Sandy Stergo

Thank you lord for lovingly telling me to be obedient will I was reading this the 700 club have the same message thank you lord bless you frankiln

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