Daily Devotions

Monitor your children’s close friends

May 6, 2021

“My child, if sinners entice you, turn your back on them!” Pr 1:10 NLT


If you have children you’ll never have a more important job in life than being a parent. And as long as your children are under your roof, you are responsible to God for them. With that in mind, do these: (1) See who influences your child most. Your son or daughter will gravitate toward certain kids for a variety of reasons. These are the ones they “hang with.” They text them, talk with them on the phone, invite them to the house, sit with them in church, and so on. You can’t monitor every relationship your child has, but you need to know the ones who influence them most. (2) Get to know their close friends. Notice the way they talk, dress, show respect or a lack of it, and how they play and interact with your family. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their parents, the church they attend, and if they’re old enough, their relationship with Christ. (3) Check your child’s overnight accommodations. If your son or daughter is invited to a friend’s house, talk with the parents and become aware of any activity that might be planned outside the home. Make sure they have adequate supervision. Tell your children you expect them to show courtesy and respect, and ask them to inform you if there’s a problem of any kind. (4) Look out for warning signs. When your child is running with the wrong crowd, chances are you’ll observe signs like indifference toward spiritual things, an openly defiant spirit, and an attraction to music, dress, and entertainment you don’t necessarily approve of. “Isn’t that very demanding?” you ask. Yes, and it’s also very loving and protective!

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