Daily Devotion

May 14, 2022

Making wise decisions

“Whoso harkens to…[Wisdom] shall dwell…without fear or dread.” Pr 1:33 AMPC


Think about the major decisions we make over our lifetime: choosing a mate, deciding where to live, and what career to pursue. Looking back, can you say you have consistently made the wisest choices? As Jennifer Winquist writes, “We make choices based on what feels best, what’s easiest…fastest…makes our kids happy…shuts up the boss…stops our problem for the moment…We buy wants instead of saving for necessities. We marry Mr. Right-Now instead of waiting for Mr. Right. We get a job instead of an education. We eat a bag of chips instead of a bag of carrots…We don’t plan to fail, but unless we plan to win by making wise choices, we can end up getting the short end of the stick…Wise choices aren’t usually quick fixes, selfish, or short-term; they involve planning, hard work, sacrifice, and resilience. But the rewards are huge.” James says, “If…you lack wisdom…ask God…and it shall be given” (Jas 1:5). The world spends billions of dollars seeking wisdom, but as God’s children, we have the wisdom of the Creator of the universe at our disposal. Furthermore, when you develop the patience and maturity to make the wise choice instead of the easy one, you never have to live in “fear or dread” of the outcome. John Mason says growing in wisdom means fearing God, pleasing Him, hearing from Him, looking to Him, choosing His way, staying humble before Him, taking His advice, receiving His correction, maintaining a prayer connection with Him, and knowing His Son personally (See Ps 111:10; Ecc 2:26; Pr 2:6; 3:13; 8:10-11; 11:2; 13:10; 29:15; Eph 1:16-17; 1Co 1:30). So…how are you doing with that so far?