Daily Devotion

April 1, 2019



“Let your moderation be known unto all men.” Php 4:5


To have a balanced life you must live by these two Scriptures: (1) “God cares for you, so turn all your worries over to Him” (1Pe 5:7 CEV). (2) “Be on your guard and stay awake. Your enemy, the devil, is like a roaring lion, sneaking around to find someone to attack” (v. 8 CEV). When you fail to do either of these two things, you’ve opened the door for Satan to attack you. Too much of anything, even a good thing, is a problem. For example, work is good. But too much of it causes stress, which can result in sickness, resentment, depression, and the breakdown of your relationships. Food is good. But too much of it can lead to serious health problems. It’s good to be organized. But if you become a perfectionist you can drive yourself and everyone around you crazy. Any area of your life that gets out of balance will rob you of the joy God wants you to have. Maintaining a life of balance is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. “Let your moderation be known unto all men.” If you’re a highly driven personality, note the word “moderation.” It means “Don’t go to extremes.” Pastor, excel in your ministry but don’t neglect your family. Parent, don’t just make a living, enjoy the people you’re making it for. Always try to look your personal best, but don’t be obsessed with your looks because they’re not the true measure of your worth as a person. Take a look at your life and ask, “In what areas am I out of balance?” Then ask God to help you get back into balance.


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