Daily Devotion

December 31, 2020

Let go, and let God

“Give your burdens to the Lord.” Ps 55:22 NLT


Are you burdened about someone you love? Have your efforts to help them failed? Let go, and let God deal with them! Letting go doesn’t mean you stop caring; it just means you can’t do it for them. Letting go isn’t about cutting yourself off; it’s about realizing you didn’t cause the problem, and you can’t cure it, and you can’t control it. It’s about letting others learn from their consequences. It’s admitting that this time the outcome is not in your hands. It’s not about blaming or trying to change the other person; but having the wisdom to recognize you can only change yourself. It’s “caring about,” instead of “caretaking.” It’s being supportive without trying to fix them, and instead of judging, allowing them to be a human being. Letting go means instead of wading into the middle and trying to control every possible outcome, you allow others to affect their own outcomes. Instead of hovering and being overprotective, it’s about permitting them to face reality. It’s about accepting instead of denying. And rather than nagging, scolding, and arguing, learning to work on your own shortcomings. Letting go means instead of trying to adjust everything to your own desires, you take each day as it comes and cherish each moment. It means instead of criticizing and regulating, you learn to focus on the purpose to which God has called you. It means not looking back with regret on the past, and focusing instead on growing and living for the future. Letting go is about fearing less and loving more. The word for you today is—let go, and let God!