Daily Devotion

November 21, 2022

In training for better things

“God causes everything to work together.” Ro 8:28 NLT


When Joseph was thrown in prison, it was hard for him to see how this road would lead to the fulfillment of his dream, but it did. That’s because God had a plan for his life. And He has one for yours too! Your current job may just be preparation for the job God really has in mind for you. Perhaps not today or tomorrow, but, if you stay faithful, there will come a time when you look back and realize how God directed your steps (See Ps 37:23). Refuse to embrace any concept of victimhood that would steal your contentment. Your job, in spite of its difficulties, would have been the dream of some of your forefathers. Didn’t you pray for this job you’re now complaining about? As difficult as this may be to accept, you’re where you are for a reason—and for a season. So study, do the coursework, take the tests, graduate, and move on to what God has for you next. There are certain qualities you need to take with you from your present position into your next one. Things like skill building and character development. You may need to learn computer and social media skills—plus patience and gratitude. You may need to learn how to manage an office—plus how to manage your moods. When you’re led by God, no experience is ever wasted because “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (Ro 8:28 NLT). God knows what He is doing, so trust Him; He uses every experience to bring about His will and fulfill our joy.