Daily Devotion

God’s Disaster-Preparedness Kit

April 23, 2013

“In the day of my disaster…the Lord was my support.” 2Sa 22:19 NIV

A phone call in the wee hours, a malignant tumor, a police cruiser at your door, a child addicted to drugs—if you live long enough you’ll be confronted with “the day of… disaster.” And it’s the strength of your relationship with God that will dictate your response. C. S. Lewis said that we can either acquire the wisdom assigned to a trial, or keep repeating it until we “get it.” One author points out that God’s “disaster-preparedness kit is found in Psalm 31:24 NIV: Be strong. Why? Because God is fighting for you. You must know God, know your convictions, and know how to tap into God’s unlimited power. You are not who you, or anyone else thinks…God says you are strong. Believe Him! Take heart. Don’t let your pain shut you down. Take the broken pieces and offer them to God…choose to live with love. A closed heart isn’t worth fighting for. You’ve worked too hard to get this far, so work with Him to see your healing all the way through. Hope in the Lord. Put no stock in emotion, circumstances, or chitchat…Place your hopes and dreams at the altar… God makes all things new and possible. Any other counterfeit will fail…No matter how long I’ve spent in God’s workshop my progress is proven only in the moment of peril. We prepare in advance so our responses are involuntary…There isn’t a situation, a temptation, or a question where Ephesians 6:10 doesn’t apply: ‘Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power’ (NIV). On multiple-choice tests it’s the answer…God isn’t telling you to be tough on your own…rely on His strength and let Him do for you what He knows is best.”