Daily Devotion

Financial increase

November 29, 2016

“He will increase what you have.”                           2Co 9:10 CEV

Some people think God is opposed to us having money, or that He doesn’t want us to have very much of it. But the Bible says, “He will increase what you have, so…you can give even more to those in need. You will be blessed in every way, and you will be able to keep on being generous” (vv. 10-11 CEV). Want some good advice? Get God involved in your finances, and keep Him involved! It’s an area in which you can have an interactive relationship with Him, but you need to invite Him in. Think about it. Have you ever heard anyone pray, “Lord, I’ve withheld from You all these years while I followed my own plan. As a result I’ve gotten into this financial mess. But I still think my plan can work, so I’ll figure things out on my own and You can go help somebody else”? No, when the bottom drops out of the financial bucket we want God to get involved, so we focus on persuading Him to come to our rescue. At this point our prayers become an S.O.S. “Help, Lord! Please do something! Anything!” We reach a point where we’re finally willing to acknowledge that He controls everything. We’re no longer bashful about asking Him to do what we’ve always known He’s capable of doing: to move some money here, or take away some financial pressure there. So what’s stopping you from asking God to get involved now—before the bottom drops out? Doesn’t it make sense to position yourself to receive His direct intervention as soon and as often as possible?