Daily Devotion

June 18, 2013


“Bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Eph 6:4 NIV

When asked, “How do you suggest parents handle their children’s activities on web sites like Facebook and Twitter?” Dr. Dobson gave this advice: “Parents have to know what technology their kids are using. Sexting is a terrible thing. (“Sexting” is the new term for children exposing themselves to one another online, thinking they are safe because they are in the sanctuary of their own home.) Pornography is pervasive, and parents need to keep up with changes in technology and protect their kids. That’s a tough assignment, because kids are ahead of them. Parents often have extremely demanding careers and when they come home they have nothing left to give, so the culture will often take your kids to hell.” One night a father and his daughter were out on a lake when their small boat was caught in a storm. As he rowed, Dad kept saying to his daughter, “Can you see the shore? Can you see the shore?” After a terrifying hour the little girl pointed over her dad’s shoulder and said, “Yes, I see the light. Momma said if we were out after dark she would hang a light in the window.” When they finally got home a tearful mother hugged her husband and daughter, and thanked God for their safe return. Looking at her, the little girl said, “Momma, you never had to worry. We steered by your light!” Parent, your children are being caught in life’s storms. They are rowing in the dark with no sense of direction. Live for God, and give them a light they can steer by!