Daily Devotion

August 5, 2018

Don’t Try To Force It!

“See the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”    Ecc 3:11 NLT 


Often life doesn’t go according to plan. A promotion doesn’t happen in time and your career plans get sidelined, or a relationship backfires and you spend every waking moment analyzing what went wrong. The secret to real peace lies in seeing “the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end,” and accepting that He works according to His own timetable. Have you ever tried unlocking the door to your house when you’re rushing, weighed down with packages, and the phone is ringing? It’s the right key, but it won’t work because you’re forcing it. Once you relax, the door opens with no problem. One counselor says: “Stop trying so hard. You’re sabotaging yourself. Once you decide a situation is good or bad, you put yourself in a position of having to do something about it. For example, if someone is ‘good’ you start comparing yourself: Am I better or worse? How do I need to improve? We’re exhausted before we begin! When the path is uphill—walkup the hill! When you have to go around an obstacle…goaround it! Accept the path before you. The Bible says there’s ‘a proper time and procedure for every delight’ (Ecc 8:6 NAS). Sometimes that means you don’t get what you wanttoday, you get what you havetoday. Maybe something needs to happen first. Or there’s an important lesson God wants you to learn and you’re trying to avoid it. Or it’s just not time. Stop trying so hard to make things happen on yourtimetable. Do what you can do in peace, surrender the rest to God, and watch the ‘impossible’ fall into place.”